High temperature, high performance piezoelectric devices.

  • Enhancing industrial plant productivity
  • Reducing energy and operating costs
  • Increasing reliability and safety

Latest: Ionix announces plans for wide temperature range ultrasonic transducers based on HotSense® technology for thickness and crack monitoring from -55°C up to 350°C continuously.

Ionix Advanced Technologies specialises in high performance, extreme environment piezoelectric devices and materials, offering a range of sensors, actuators and transducer devices based on its novel piezoelectric materials, with applications in areas such as condition monitoring and flow measurement in extreme environments.

Ionix’s devices have the potential to offer significant productivity gains, as well as cost and energy savings, by facilitating more efficient, safe and reliable process and inspection operations in extreme environments, where existing technology is unable to operate effectively.

Ionix is initially targeting applications where high temperature operation, up to 400°C, provides a capability not offered by conventional piezoelectric devices. See our Case Studies for more details.

Initial target markets for these high temperature devices include: plant process, energy and nuclear, aerospace, oil and gas and automotive.

The novel technology is based on more than a decade of research and development by the globally respected team from the Institute of Materials Research at the University of Leeds.

Ionix is building a network of development partners motivated to work in collaboration to develop devices based on its materials and to share the commercial benefits of this novel technology.

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