Energy & Nuclear

Energy & Nuclear

As well as increasing productivity, there is a need for energy, nuclear, oil and petrochemical operators to continuously test and monitor the health and condition of their infrastructure. This is becoming increasingly important as the lifespan of these assets continues to lengthen over time.

All of these sectors have plants and processes with sections that operate at high temperature where piezoceramic technologies based on the current industry standard “PZT” cannot operate (i.e. above 200-250 °C). The result is an unmet need to continuously monitor asset integrity and reduce unnecessary maintenance shutdowns that result in lost productivity.

Effective monitoring of asset integrity subject to corrosion and erosion while minimizing the exposure of personnel to difficult and potentially hazardous working environments has always been a major problem in these industries.

Ionix’s technology enables simpler, lower cost devices which are able to measure critical parameters such as pipe thickness (an indicator of corrosion) and crack development in extreme temperature environments where existing PZT-based devices are unable to function.

The Ionix range of materials have been shown to be significantly resistant to neutron radiation as well as capable of sensing and actuation in high temperature, high pressure environments.

Our approach for corrosion applications is to develop permanently installed ultrasonic wall-thickness monitoring equipment, under our Ionix HotSense® technology platform, which can remotely provide information on the rate of metal loss, even in the most severe environments and at extreme temperatures.

This affords the energy and nuclear industry a wealth of new concepts for the new era.

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