Process & Plant

Process & Plant

Currently, many industrial processes, e.g. those involving steam or high temperature oil and gas flow, are monitored by devices operating some distance from the high temperature zones.

These systems often produce inaccurate information which leads to sub-optimal performance and increased cost. Increased costs can be significant and are often a result of energy inefficiencies, conservative operating approaches, frequent shutdowns or unexpected operating problems.

Ionix’s technology has the capability to enable the use of existing measurement techniques but in higher temperature environments. This is of key importance in process control and covers a range of functions – flow, leak, vibration, level and position are just some examples – where industrial site operators seek more accurate information on their plant operations in order to run processes more efficiently, reducing energy/operating costs and enhancing safety.

Ionix high temperature and mechanically robust piezoelectric transducers provide the potential for plant operators to continuously monitor pipe and equipment integrity in hostile environments, not routinely accessible to existing piezoelectric systems.

Continuous remote monitoring can improve the reliability of risk based inspection and reduce expensive shut downs of plant and equipment, significantly improving efficiency and safety.

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