Image of an Ionix device

Ionix develops and supplies sensors, actuators and transducers which address applications and markets not accessible to existing piezoelectric systems. Ionix has created its HotSense® platform of devices based on its materials for use in a range of extreme environment applications.

Learn more about our new Ultrasonic single element transducer for thickness measurement at temperatures up to 380°C.

Ionix’s devices have the potential to offer significant productivity gains, as well as cost and energy savings, by facilitating more efficient, safe and reliable process and inspection operations in extreme environments, where existing technology is unable to operate effectively.

Ionix is initially targeting applications for high temperature operation up to 400°C, providing a capability not offered by conventional piezoelectric devices.

At elevated temperatures it is not sufficient to simply replace existing piezo-elements with high temperature alternatives. For example, conventional ultrasonic NDT transducers contain many components that are incompatible with extremes of temperature. To solve this, Ionix has developed HotSense®, a proprietary packaging platform technology for the HPZ ceramic elements that enables a host of NDT applications from corrosion monitoring, crack detection and flow monitoring.

The advanced materials used within the platform enable robust interconnections, efficient acoustic backing and effective coupling, as well as retro-fitting compatible attaching solutions including acoustic coupling. Initial target markets for these high temperature devices include: energy and nuclear power, industrial plant process, refining, aerospace, and oil and gas.