Energy and Nuclear

Energy and Nuclear Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), Monitoring and Prevention

Ionix offers the potential for industrial clients to develop simple, cost-effective continuous monitoring and inspection solutions for applications in extreme environments. Based on our award-winning piezoceramic technology, we have developed a range of high-temperature capable devices under the brand of HotSense™ for applications in extreme environments in the nuclear sector.

Potential applications include:

  • Crack detection and monitoring
  • Corrosion / erosion monitoring
  • Robotic weld inspection
  • Fluid level sensing
  • High temperature flow measurement
  • Creep detection in steel pipes

Ionix transducers can be installed around known cracks in pitch-catch mode, while circumferential arrays (in development) can be used for complete weld coverage. TOFD probes are also under development.

In collaboration with AmecFosterWheeler, our HotSense™ ultrasonic transducer was tested using a pulse echo technique for crack monitoring of a steam pipe at 350°C in a nuclear facility. HotSense™ ultrasonic transducers have also been tested in neutron and gamma flux for a level sensing application and shown to be suitable for use in high radiation environments. In collaboration with the National Nuclear Laboratory, the Ionix HPZ HiT-1 piezoceramic has been shown to be stable at 350°C during a gamma irradiation dose of 300kGy over 5 hours

Integrate HotSense non-destructive testing (NDT)into inspection and monitoring systems and programs to:

  • Minimise operational risk and maximise productivity with enhanced asset intelligence
  • Maximise safety
  • Deliver cost-effective maintenance and repair programs without the need for costly shutdown or cooling

Ionix offer a range of products and services relevant to Energy and Nuclear Non-Destructive Testing and Condition Monitoring.