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    High-temperature, in-service ultrasonic asset integrity and NDT – corrosion/erosion survey
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    Extreme Environment

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    Thickness/Corrosion Monitoring, NDT/Corrosion Inspection, Flow Monitoring
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Extreme Environment Monitoring

Ionix Advanced Technologies is the leading manufacturer of extreme environment and tailored ultrasonic sensors, and an expert in extreme environment asset integrity solutions  Our unique in-house multi-discipline team includes: piezoceramic & sensor design-and-manufacture, system design and integration and training capabilities.
Our extreme environment HotSense™ ultrasonic platform enables continuous online monitoring, through a temperature range of -200 to 550 °C. We enable plant digitalisation and the realisation of Industrial IOT solutions.
We combine our market leading HotSense™ sensors with the best fit data collection system to provide a complete monitoring solution to deliver key asset integrity data,  meeting cost, HSE, and operational drivers. With our holistic approach and unique skill set, Ionix provide expert guidance and project management services for selection, installation and operation of your qualified system for various monitoring applications, enabling you to digitalise data collection, including data health checks to provide continual improvement


Our products can be used for:

Products Corrosion Monitoring
Thickness & Corrosion Monitoring

We combine our market leading HotSenseTM sensors with the best fit data collection system to provide a complete non-invasive corrosion monitoring solutions to deliver key asset integrity data, meeting cost, HSE, and operational targets.

NDT / Corrosion Inspection

Dual element ultrasonic transducers for high-temperature thickness, corrosion and erosion monitoring

Products HotSense
Fixed Point Ultrasound

Ultrasonic transducers for 0˚ measurements ideal for thickness, gas void and level monitoring for use in applications across refining, oil & gas,  energy, nuclear, aerospace and process sectors.

Products Flow
Clamp-on Flow Monitoring

Clamp-on, non-invasive flow transducers for high temperature fluid flow measurements.


  • “I am impressed by the quality of customer service from Ionix, always fast response and get-to-the-point.”

  • “Keep doing what you are doing. Excellent company to deal with and I look forward to a long relationship.”

  • “Our experience of Ionix was very positive and exceeding our expectations.” 

  • “We found them to be of high technical capability, clearly expert in their field, professional in every respect and easy to work with…”

  • “Great value comes from their ability to consider and make valuable comment on adjacent technologies. Very proactive and willing to cooperate and often go the extra distance to support us. “

Our customers rated us 5 stars for our responsiveness, professionalism, technical support, quality and performance of our products, support and services.

HotSense … Simply Explained

Web Page: HotSense-logo

Ultrasonic transducers designed from the ground up to operate continuously in extreme environments. Powered by the Ionix novel and proprietary piezoelectric technology, HotSense™ transducers offer reliable, stable and cost effective ultrasonic measurements at temperatures from -200 °C up to +550 °C and in the presence of ionizing radiation.


Reducing risk, minimising the requirement of manned testing and inspection.


Enhancing industrial plant productivity by avoidance of unplanned plant shutdown and minimising downtime for planned inspections.


Lowering operating costs of NDT inspection and condition monitoring services.


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