The Ionix mission is to create value for our clients by facilitating process operations and measurement in extreme environments.
Ionix continues to develop and create innovative new high performance piezoelectric materials, sensors, actuators and transducers that can operate in extreme environments. Some of these innovations are showcased here.
USOSP | Eurostars

Ultrasonic Speed of Sound Platform (USOSP)

USOSP, Eurostars project 10 046, aims at developing a sensor platform based on ultrasonic speed-of-sound measurement, which can serve as both humidity sensors for kitchen appliances and engine intake air manifolds, and as misfire sensors for engines. USOSP will be based on high-temperature piezoelectric transducers and the measurement of the phase angle between ultrasonic emitter and receiver. The deliverables are pre-prototypes for both applications which take into account cost and design for large volume production.

Project Partners

Ionix specialise in ultrasonic sensors for extreme environments including high temperature, pressures and ionising radiation. Within USOSP Ionix are responsible for developing air coupled ultrasonic sensors to measure the speed of sound of air through a range of temperatures up to 350 ºC.

Rueger logo

Rüeger has specialized in the development and manufacture of temperature measurement instruments, particularly electrical temperature sensors, bimetallic and gas pressure thermometers since it was founded in Lausanne in 1942. Within USOSP Rüeger are responsible for developing the electronics and hardware to control the ultrasonic sensors and make meaningful measurements.

EPFL logo

EPFL is Europe’s most cosmopolitan technical university with students, professors and staff from over 120 nations. A dynamic environment, open to Switzerland and the world, EPFL is centered on its three missions: teaching, research and technology transfer. Within USOSP, EPFL are responsible for producing acoustic simulations to understand and develop designs for the sensor platform.