Oil & Gas and Refining

Oil & Gas Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), Monitoring and Prevention

Ionix’s ultrasonic transducer for thickness measurements in extreme environments is designed for permanent installation and continuous monitoring. Supplied to fit with existing installation equipment or with Ionix deployment kit.

Ultrasonic transducers for 0˚ measurements are ideal for thickness, corrosion and erosion monitoring. Continuous operation from -10°C to +350°C and -40°C to +380°C intermittently allows online monitoring of oil & gas plant assets operating in extreme environments. The approach complements non-destructive tetsing (NDT) inspections and improves repeatability and accuracy with fixed transducers installed directly onto assets.

Ionix transducers offer a low entry cost option for continuous monitoring, offering modular, simple, low cost additions and broad compatibility with industry known hardware. The simple retrofit reduces implementation cost, allowing increased system coverage. Additional probes can be easily incorporated, or improved functionality with wired/wireless networking and automatic data loggers are options.

Continuous monitoring lowers the risk of unplanned outage, maximising plant availability & production rate. Reduced manual operations together with continuous asset monitoring minimises business and human risk. Optimising asset integrity strengthens management decisions such as maintenance and corrosion inhibition strategy.

Ionix offer a range of products and services relevant to Oil & Gas Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and Condition Monitoring.