Process and Plant

Process and Plant Monitoring and Testing

Extreme environment applications under development with Ionix transducers and sensors include:

  • High temperature clamp-on flow monitoring
  • High temperature in-line flow monitoring
  • Level sensing in high temperature environments
  • Thickness monitoring and non-destructive testing (NDT)
  • Leak monitors and vibration monitoring in steam, gas and oil/chemical

Ionix has prioritised the development of non-invasive flow measurement based on its technology, using high temperature transducers and wedge technology suitable for use up to 350°C continuously. A small form factor for Ionix devices allows the reduction of thermal gradients, for increased accuracy without compensation. Designed for permanent installation or mobile operation, and supplied to fit with existing installation equipment or with Ionix deployment kit. Offering fast and easy installation direct to process and plant assets at high temperature without need for a waveguide.

The flow transducers are designed to integrate into systems and programs to:

  • Deliver cost-effective flow monitoring in extreme environments
  • Improve data accuracy and enhance asset intelligence
  • Enhance safety with improved measurements at high temperature

Ionix offer a range of products and services relevant to Process & Plant Process Control and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and Condition Monitoring.