Accessories for On-Stream UT Applications

Probe accessories to facilitate accurate, fast, and reliable measurements across all temperatures

Ger reliable measurements for all high-temperature applications with Ionix’ array of accessories for the refining, oil & gas, energy, nuclear, aerospace, and process sectors.

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Ionix offer a range of accessories to facilitate accurate, fast and reliable on-stream ultrasonic testing. From detachable guards and port inspection wands to protect the user, to abrasion resistant, heat resilient cabling and ultrasonic couplants suitable for a range of extreme environments.


High quality, heat and abrasion resistant dual UT cables to connect the probe to any thickness gauge or flaw detector using compatible connectors. All cables are temperature resilient, co-axial cables protected using a fiberglass outer jacket for continuous use up to 250°C (392°F) or intermittent use up to 550°C (1022°F) without conducting heat to the user. The cables are compatible with all the handle extensions, including the 2” handle and strain relief.

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  • The fiberglass outer jacket provides heat and abrasion resistance to the cable assembly without impacting flexibility and keeping it lightweight.
  • Fiberglass, as opposed to a flexible metal conduit, prevents conduction of heat through the cable reducing risk of burning the operator or damaging equipment.
  • The cable uses common connectors to allow integration to all thickness gauges and flaw detectors with options for gauge specific connectors and identification pins for common commercial gauges from Evident, Waygate and others.


  • For use with dual probes for thickness, corrosion, erosion surveys and TOFD probes for weld inspection.
  • Ideal for scanning application where a robust, lightweight cable option is required.



Cable Diagram
Connector and Cable Options

All product codes and configurations are contained in the datasheet. Custom configurations by request.


TypeFlexible coaxial cable
Channels1 / 2
Length1.5 m / 5 mOthers by special request
ProtectionHigh-temperature fiberglass sleaveOthers by special request
Connector 1Microdot / Lemo 00 male
Connector 2Lemo 00 male / Lemo 01 male / Gauge Connector*Lemo 00-to-BNC adapter by special request
Gauge Identification pinsEvident (Olympus) / Baker Hughes (GE) *Common gauge connector options – Panametrics / Olympus / Evident 38DL+ dual lemo with identification pin / Waygate / KK dual lemo plug.
Handle CompatibilityAll Ionix Dual Inspection Probes


Thickness gauging and corrosion mapping is often conducted in-service at temperatures exceeding 100°C (212°F) where not only can the couplant degrade, evaporate, or vaporise, but also reach the temperatures at which autoignition can occur. Ionix supply a range of couplants from Echo Ultrasonics for temperatures above 150°C (302°F) which offer high temperature stability, low corrosion characteristics, low toxicity, and smoke, and have clear indication of their auto-ignition temperatures.



  • Gels or pastes with different viscosities for all applications.
  • Couplants for all measurement applications from -45 to +675°C (-50 to +1250°F).
  • Provide strong signals and fast response measurements across a broad range of temperatures.
  • Non-toxic with low smoke and no residue options available.
  • Options which meet ASTM F519 and offer long-term corrosion resistance and inhibition.
  • Low viscosity options for scanning, by request.


  • All thickness measurements from -45 to +675°C (-50 to +1250°F).
  • Scanning applications with low viscosity products.



DescriptionTemperature RangeProduct CodeUnit
VersaSonic®, High Viscosity. Meets ASTM F519 for corrosion resistance-23 to +371°C (-10 to +700°F)VS-044 fl. Oz/ 120mL
HiTempco Ultrasonic Couplant. Excellent corrosion inhibition-45 to +412°C (-50 to +775°F)HT-044 fl. Oz/ 120mL
EchoTherm™ High Temperature Couplant+93 to +538°C
(+200 to +1000°F)
ETM-024 fl. Oz/ 120mL
EchoTherm Extreme™. High Temperature Couplant. Meets ASTM F519 for corrosion resistance-40 to +675°C (-40 to +1250°F)ETM-EX-024 fl. Oz/ 120mL
Echo 6 High Temperature pumpable couplant-40 to 357°C (-40° to 675°F)Echo-6HT1 Gallon/3.8 litres
Echo 8 High Temperature pumpable couplant-45 to 425°C (-50° to 800°F)Echo-8HT1 Gallon/3.8 litres

Other couplants available by special request to meet any inspection requirement.


Detachable handles to extend the reach of the HotSense™ UT probes to provide extra grip when wearing PPE and protect the user from extreme temperatures. Specifically designed to make port inspections easier and safer. The handles are simply screwed on to the back of the ultrasonic transducer using the integrated threads. Probes maybe switched between handles providing versatility across different applications. Optional strain relief on the 2” handle has a sealing gland which clamps around the cables to provide additional protection from water, couplant and debris ingress to the probe connector. Ideal for hand held use or automated scanning.



  • Extend the reach of the UT probe to protect the user from extreme temperatures and for making port inspections.
  • Provides additional grip when handling the probe whilst wearing personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Protects the cable and probe connections from mechanical damage.
  • Strain relief with 2” handle prevents water and dirt build up at the back of the probe.
  • Light-weight with knurled surface to enhance grip.
  • Hot swappable to adapt handle length as required for the application.
  • Compatible with all standard, non-armoured cables.


  • Any extreme environment, or high-temperature spot or grid measurement.
  • Ideal for port inspections.
  • 2” handle and strain relief provide connector protection and cable lift off during probe scanning.
  • 6” and 12” handles are ideal for ultra high-temperature (>350°C / 662°F) measurements.



DescriptionProduct CodeUnit
2” handle with strain relief*ACC-18-002Each
6” port inspection handleACC-18-006Each
12” port inspection handleACC-18-012Each

*compatible with Ionix high-temperature cables, and 3rd party, non-armoured cables

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Mounts are available for using HotSense™ UT and HotSense™ TOFD with a range of commercially available scanners. Contact Ionix for more information.

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