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Ultrasonic flow transducers

Minimise operational risk and maximise productivity with enhanced process monitoring.

Minimise operational risk and maximise productivity with enhanced process monitoring.

Ultrasonic clamp-on transducers for flow measurements in the most extreme environments for use in applications across chemical, process, energy, nuclear, solar, food and oil & gas sectors.


  • Truly high temperature transducers which operate without the need for a thermal buffer, duty cycling or cooling.
  • Wide continuous operating temperature range from -55 °C to +380 °C for an extensive variety of online process monitoring requirements.
  • Extra high temperature transducers which will operate continuously up to 550 °C coming soon.
Enhanced flow monitoring for your most challenging processes
  • Minimise complexity – HotSenseTM clamp-on flow transducers operate like standard transducers and are quick and easy to install – up to 80% time saving compared to alternative methods.  Their low profile, lightweight and compact design can quickly be installed in confined spaces and under insulation without modification of the pipe work.
  • Maximise performance – High stability and signal strength even at extreme temperatures without the need for specialist hardware or signal processing.
  • Maximise reliability – HotSenseTM clamp-on flow transducers are non-invasive and can be operated without interacting with the fluid preventing unwanted process variations whilst protecting the flow meter and maximising reliability.
  • Maximise productivity – HotSenseTM clamp-on flow transducers can be installed on the outer surface of any compatible process piping without shutdown.  No need to lower the process temperature, reduce the pressure, cut pipe work or add additional sections.
System Options
  • Available now as part of a complete flow monitoring solution – contact Ionix for further information
  • Support available for integration into your current systems – HotSenseTM clamp-on flow meters can be configured with most standard monitoring systems. 


  • High temperature capable piezoelectric element and transducer components designed for permanent installation in extreme environments.
  • Pair of single element, shear wave, time-of-flight operating transducers.
  • Accurate and precise flow measurements in liquids from 550 to 1,600 m/s
  • Designed to meet ATEX and IECEx standards for intrinsic safety
  • Stable and secure fixation methods available via clamping or bonding to pipes up to 12″ for permanent installation even at high-temperatures.
  • Compatible with a wide range of commercial ultrasonic flow meters.


Parameter ValueUnit
Maximum Temperature+380ºC
Continuous Operating Temperature-40 to +350ºC
Operating frequency1.0MHz
Wedge material304 stainless steel-
Beam Exit Angle from transducer40degrees
Compatible fluid speeds550 to 1,600m/s
Designed for Ingress ProtectionIP 66-
Ex certificationIntrinsically safe compatible, Zone 1
Other concepts by request.
Clamp on pipe diametersNPS 3 to 12inch