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TRND System
HotSenseTM ultrasonic transducers with a range of data collection methods available through Ionix Advanced Technologies.
  • Monitor wall thickness in-service across a wide temperature range -55 to +380 °C
  • Detect wall loss to 0.010 mm (0.004”) Complement inspection and improve repeatability & accuracy with fixed transducers installed directly on to assets
  • Support asset integrity and corrosion management programs (including RBI, FFS & FEA)
  • Reduce costs with replacement of intrusive methods and reduced scaffolding / insulation removal
  • Increased safety with reduced exposure and man-hours at asset
Systems Table
TRND Comparison Matrix

Manual Inspection


Autonomous Monitoring


UT Thickness Gauge


Wireless/Wired Node

Ultrasonic Transducer

Temperature Range

-55 to +380 °C

-55 to 350 °C

-55 to +380 °C

In-Service Operation

Ex Certified

✓ Sensors, Zone 0

✓ Sensors, Zone 0

✓ Whole System, from Zone 0

Data Collection

UT Inspector

Manual or Drone

Wireless/Wired incl. WirelessHART, GSM, Modbus



Cloud, local

Cloud, server, local

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Systems Integration

Integration into your system

Ionix HotSense™ transducers can be integrated into your current inspection system to enhance your monitoring and measurement capabilities and services.

Transducer Capabilities

Ionix HotSense™ transducers operate like any other ultrasonic non-destructive testing (NDT) transducer and can be utilised in either pitch-catch or pulse-echo mode. They can be powered with voltages from as low as 1V up to 200V on a 50 Ω impedance circuit.
This makes Ionix HotSense™ transducers compatible with most industry standard meters and with your proprietary monitoring systems. A high signal to noise ratio and consistent and repeatable waveform allows for simple automatic measurement and interpretation by your algorithms.


Ionix has solved the challenge of permanent coupling at high temperature and is able to supply a range of off the shelf advanced deployment options to allow attachment and coupling of the transducers to your pipe or asset. These included various clamping and welding methods. Detailed procedures are provided to cover pipe preparation, attachment and coupling stages.


Ionix HotSense™ transducers are designed for use with all standard ultrasonic non-destructive testing (NDT) industry hardware.  Ionix can support the integration of HotSense™ transducers with your system in both condition monitoring and advanced NDT inspection operations. Ionix offer advice on corrosion monitoring methods.

Special requirements and new transducers

Special requirements and modifications to the Ionix HotSense™ transducers can be accommodated in order to enhance performance or compatibility in your application.  Please contact Ionix to enquire about our customisation service

Ionix offer advice on corrosion monitoring techniques and methods and non-destructive testing (NDT) services.

Our highly experienced team is available to develop new transducers to solve your most challenging monitoring and inspection problems.

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TRND offers a cost-effective move from conventional corrosion inspection to in-service thickness monitoring whilst removing significant investment in infrastructure and hardware.

Built on the industry leading, high-temperature HotSenseTM platform and wirelessly connected by Inductosense’s battery-less WAND technology, the TRND system can be retrospectively installed and implemented within the harshest of environments. Within minutes of installation quantitative wall thickness data can be acquired, remotely analysed and reported through the cloud-based data management system.

HotSense™ enables wall thickness monitoring solutions for in-service corrosion and erosion monitoring. Minimise operational risk and maximise productivity with enhanced asset intelligence.
  • Increase what can be monitored, enabling measurement from -55 to +550 °C
  • Reduced maintenance with multiple transducers per measurement node, minimizing batteries.
  • Improved network stability with nodes and transducers positioned independently for ease of access and maximize wireless mesh signal.
  • Increased area usage with intrinsic safety certification for deployment across your site.
  • Automated thickness, temperature and corrosion rate measurements transmitted directly to your control room
  • Security from advanced data management software on local servers or direct to DCS – data never leaves site.
  • Configurable alarms for wall loss
  • Built in temperature compensation with integrated calibration blocks.
  • WirelessHART certified for integration into your operations
  • Remote measurement configuration and maintenance
  • Battery-life is transmitted for maintenance and data collection scheduling
Ionix Advanced Technologies is building a network of development partners motivated to work in collaboration with Ionix to meet the growing demand for continuous monitoring. Ionix offer advice on corrosion monitoring techniques and methods and NDT testing services. If you are interested in hearing more, please contact us at contact@ionix.at or by using the link on the right.
Ionix is building a network of development partners motivated to work in collaboration with Ionix to meet the growing demand for continuous monitoring. If you are interested in hearing more, please contact us.