HotSense Dual Element (DE)

HotSense Dual Element (DE)

Reduce the cost and complexity of on-stream ultrasonic monitoring

Reduce the cost and complexity of on-stream
ultrasonic monitoring

Dual element ultrasonic transducer for on-stream thickness, corrosion and erosion monitoring for use in applications across refining, oil & gas, energy, nuclear, aerospace, and process sectors.



  • Produce better wall loss data and trends with installed UT probes
  • Low cost dual element ultrasonic monitoring sensors for widespread distribution and area coverage
  • Through coating measurements without removal of protective coatings
  • Installation on all sizes of pipes and vessels
  • Built on the award winning HotSense™ ultrasonic platform. Next generation sensors powered by the proprietary Ionix HPZ piezoceramic
  • -55 to +150 °C [-67 to +302 °F] continuous measurement temperature range
  • Permanent or semi-permanent installation in extreme or hazardous environments
  • Intrinsically safe certified to Zone 0
  • Manual or automated data collection
Deployment Flexibility
  • Deploy on to live assets without shutdown or isolation
  • Options for vessels and pipes NPS 52″ and above
  • Integrated magnetic fixing for ease of installation on ferrous assets
  • Epoxy fixings for large pipes and vessels
  • Universal strap fixing for small pipe diameters and semi-permanent installation
  • Deploy around the circumference, spine or survey grid of piping
Solution Benefits
  • Fixed UT sensors provide increased measurement precision and collection frequency for reliable and real-time corrosion trending
  • Optimise Asset Integrity and Performance Management (AIM/APM) programmes with accurate and reliable wall loss data
  • Reduce operational costs and maximise production margins
  • Data collection using standard UT flaw detectors with Measurement Hub
  • Autonomous data collection and data direct to control centre with WirelessHART Caliperay


  • Wide temperate range installed monitoring probe with deployment flexibility without coating removal.
  • Dual element, compression wave
  • Accurate and precise thickness measurements from fixed installed probes
  • Detect and trend wall loss rates with increased precision
  • Flexible installation and coupling solutions for deployment on any asset. Magnetic fixtures support installation on ferrous assets with fixation and coupling achieved with epoxy or polymer pad and strap.
  • 30mm probe diameter allows for deployment in close proximity on grids or circumferentially around an asset.
  • Installation without coating removal is ideal for upstream applications. Measurements may be made through coatings.



Parameter ValueUnit
Operating Temperature-55 to +150 [-67 to +302]ºC [ºF]
Delay Line MaterialEngineering Polymer-
Tip Diameter11 [0.434]mm [inch]
Connector TypeDual UNF 10/32 Microdot-
Cable length(s)2 [6.5] standard, 15 [49] by requestm [ft]
Certified to Intrinsically Safe Certification MarkingII 1 GD Ex ia IIC T* Ga / Ex ia IIIC T* Da
RuggedisationCertified to IP 66/68
Stainless steel construction
Acoustic characteristics certificate of conformity to EN 12668:2 supplied with each unit
Transducer centre frequency5MHz
Active element diameter8 / 2mm
Wear allowance3.25MHz
For use with Measurement Hub manual and CALIPERAY automated monitoring solutions
Also compatible with UT flaw detectors and thickness gauges
Strap free deployment
ApplicationsVessels, larger pipe diameters, gridsOptional retention lanyard
FixingMagnetic & epoxy adhesiveOther sizes available via special request
Cure timeMinimum of 1 hour at 150 °CCure in-service
Diameters>NPS 3"Ideal for vessels
Installation on coatingsYes
Semi-permanent deployment
ApplicationsInstallations where the probes may be moved frequently
FixingMagnet & universal steel strapOptional retention lanyard
CouplingSolid couplant
DiametersNPS 2" to 36"
Installation on coatingsYes
Typical Ultrasonic Response