HotSense™ Measurement
Hub for low cost, manual
data collection from
installed ultrasonic probes

Improve measurement precision through reduced operator variability and enable data trending to facilitate predictive and preventative maintenance of critical assets

Complete fixed-point HotSense™ ultrasonic thickness
measurement solution for use with standard UT gauges and
flaw detectors. The lowest cost entry point for non-invasive
corrosion and erosion in-service monitoring. For applications
including thickness, corrosion, erosion / wear and gas
void / entrainment in refining, oil and gas, nuclear and
energy industries

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  • Full fixed point non-invasive corrosion and erosion monitoring solution utilising the HotSense extreme environment UT probes for -55 to +550 °C [-67 to 1,022 °F] applications.
  • No electronics, batteries or wireless – make measurements by connecting an industry standard UT thickness gauge or flaw detector.
  • ATEX & IECEx Zone 0 ready to enable quick and safe measurements to be made from sensors installed in your most hazardous and inaccessible environments.
  • Better data. Fixed sensors provide increased precision, accuracy, repeatability and measurement frequency.
  • Low-cost entry into non-invasive corrosion and erosion monitoring utilising standard NDT ultrasonic hardware and procedures.
  •  Flexibility to enable upgrade to a full automated wireless system.
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  • Your first step towards in-service automated integrity monitoring which uses your current NDT equipment and personnel.
  • Increase your accuracy and precision by monitoring using installed transducers – up to x5 increase in precision compared to standard inspection methods.
  • Facilitate measurements in hot and inaccessible locations and increase data collection frequency for improved trending to support RBI, FFS and FEA.
  • Save operational costs with replacement of manual inspections, reducing scaffolding and insulation removal requirements.
  • Increase safety with reduced exposure to hazards and man-hours at asset.


HotSense Measurement Hub
  • Houses intrinsically safe sensor connections to enable quick and easy measurements to be collected from HotSense™ from an accessible location using your existing NDT equipment and procedures.
  • Compatible & configurable to Ex location installations to meet site requirements and enable simple data collection under hot work permits.
  • Probes installed on live plant in minutes for in-service measurements, designed to survive the harshest of environments.
  • The widest range of sensor deployment options for pipes and vessels.
HotSense Sensors
  • Wide continuous operating temperature range from -55 to +550 °C (-67 to + 1,022 °F) for an extensive variety of online monitoring requirements.
  • High temperature capable piezoelectric element and transducer components designed for permanent installation in extreme environments and under insulation.
  • Suitable for intrinsically safe ATEX & IECEx Zone 0 equipment installations.
  • Single element, compression wave, pulse-echo operation.
  • Accurate and precise thickness measurements with resolution from 0.01-0.1 mm.
  • Stable and secure fixation methods available via clamping or stud welding to a structure for permanent installation even at extreme temperatures.
  • Installation during plant operation, without shutdown or isolation.
  • Integrated delay line provides near surface resolution and simple calibration at any temperature.


Compatible UT ProbesHotSense™ DE, HotSense™ 380, HotSense™ UHT
Number of probes per Hub 1 to 4
Thermocouple type K-type with IEC miniature connector
Number of thermocouples per Hub 0 to 4
Maximum distance from
measurement location
3 m or 16 m total cable length options
Sensor connector*Lemo 00 (adapter available by request)
UT hardware compatibility Any meeting or ASTM E1065 with A-scan representation.
Contact Ionix for compatibility enquiries. Optimised
gauges available from Ionix.
Measurement standard Solution compatible with ISO 16809 and conventional
in-service UT procedures
*Variations available via special request.
For other specification requirements or to purchase measurement hardware please contact our sales team.
380 Line Drawing
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IP RatingIP66
Ex compatibilitySuitable for installation in ATEX / IECEx Zone 0 & 20 to IEC 60079-14
Material of construction Stainless Steel
DimensionsSee diagram
Hub access Lockable, swing door
Mounting Wall, pipe, pole or rail mounted with straps
Measurement Hub™ can be upgraded to a fully automated and wireless monitoring solution at any time.
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HotSense™ probes and supplied thermocouples are certified to intrinsically safe standards.

The Measurement Hub™, when installed within the requirements of IEC 60079-14, is compatible with Zones 0 (gas/vapour) and 20 (dust) hazardous locations.

Certificates and Descriptive System Documents available on request.

Measurements must be taken under a hot work permit or other recognised safe method when installed in an explosive environment.



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